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Chesterton Academy parents work together to support the school in the areas of extra-curricular activities, sports, teacher appreciation, service projects, and fundraising.

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School Uniform Policy

School uniforms can be ordered online or by phone from Donald’s uniform store at www.donaldsuniform.com. Donald’s has their best sale of the year in June!

Keep in mind:

  • Blazers are mandatory for Mass and certain events. No choir uniform is needed year one.

  • Skirts may take up to 10 weeks.

  • Skirts may be ordered with no hem and an open bottom to hem to length needed when used.

  • Skirt measurement is from waist to mid knee, and most girls will require the LONG version.

  • Ladies fitted white shirt tends to run smaller.

  • Men’s pants should use a dress pant waist measurement.

Uniform Guidelines



  • White short-sleeve or long-sleeve oxford shirt (fitted or reg.)

  • Navy pleated skirt, to mid-knee

  • Navy knee-highs

  • Solid black/brown dress flat shoes

  • Navy V-neck sweater vest or long-sleeve pullover sweater with school monogram (optional)

  • Navy blazer with school monogram


  • White short-sleeve or long-sleeve oxford shirt

  • Khaki flat or pleated-front pants

  • Crew socks

  • Solid black leather dress shoe (various options)

  • Navy V-neck sweater vest or long-sleeve pullover sweater with school monogram (optional)

  • Navy blazer with school monogram

  • Gold/navy striped tie

  • Black belt

  • The uniform should be clean and in good condition. Girls’ skirts must be at the knee; girls should take measurements to compare to the sizing charts from Donald’s Uniform to determine whether to order the regular or long length, accommodating for some growth. All students need to purchase a blazer. Sweaters and vests are optional.

  • The following items must be purchased from Donald’s Uniform: girls’ skirts and girls shirts (regular or fitted), boy’s pants, blazers, sweaters, vests, and ties. Boys may purchase comparable oxford cloth dress shirts, belts and socks from other retailers. Girls may purchase navy socks from other sources.

  • Hair should be clean, neatly groomed, and must be a natural color, with boys’ hair above the eyebrows, ears and collar. Boys should be clean-shaven with sideburns no longer than the middle of the ear. Girls may wear light, natural-looking make-up, and clear or light pink nail polish is allowed.

  • For boys and girls, no visible tattoos or piercings are allowed except girls may wear one stud in each earlobe (matching). Simple chain necklace with a religious significance and/or a scapular may be worn under the shirt for girls and boys.