Chesterton Students Score Top 5% in College Entrance Exam

student clt win.jpg

Two Chesterton Academy students scored in the top 5% of the CLT college entrance exam! Congratulations to our Regional Scholars!  Laura Donze of Chesterton Academy of Milwaukee and Joseph Grogan of Chesterton Academy in MN did exceptional on the CLT10 in April.  Congratulations, Laura and Joseph!

The Classic Learning Test (CLT) is an alternative to the ACT and SAT at a growing number of colleges. The CLT10 is the official preparatory exam for the CLT and provides scholarship opportunities through the National Association of Scholars. 

WHY CLT?  Words of Founder "All students have to study the public school curriculum if they wish to do well on the SAT, (and ACT)...this shift effectivelysmuggles a homogeneous national curriculum into America via the wedge of standardized testing." 
"I did found the CLT because I do think it tests for what is the best education in America—founded on the best works of the past, and with the cultivation of virtue as its most basic purpose.... but I am sure that it is a good test for the best form of education in the world."  

CLT is important for students and America. Find out more here.

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