How to Celebrate Thanksgiving like G.K. Chesterton

A while back, I shared some Chestertonian insights on recovering the glory of Christmas. His unusual approach was well-received by readers, so I thought I’d share his insight about celebrating Thanksgiving, too.

Gratitude was important to G.K. Chesterton. In his autobiography he declares, “The chief idea of my life … [is] taking things with gratitude.” Thanksgiving is an opportunity to shake off the doldrums of life-as-usual and wake up to how blessed we are. Even if it’s been a tough year, the fact we all survived and are here is a victory. Chesterton’s idea is that, if we cultivate gratitude, our eyes will be opened to the wonder we have been passing by unawares.

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Discover Chesterton Series: A Paint on the Lord’s Palette: The Uniqueness of Every Human Life

A normal lunch time at Chesterton Academy includes fits of laughter, eating, and the occasional last-minute studying among the students. One day, however, the lunch conversation held a bit more meaning. A classmate had proposed a seemingly trivial idea about the relationship between people and colors.

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How do we teach beauty?

"So how do we teach beauty? Well, by teaching truth and goodness. Because these things bring joy. But we also teach art. Chesterton says, “Art is born when the temporary touches the eternal.”

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