Discover Chesterton Series: The Joy of Growing in Intellectual and Moral Maturity

My freshman philosophy class argued for days about whether or not certain evolution theories are compatible with the Catholic Church’s teaching … whether or not the universe is ordered, and if it is true that man naturally desires to know the truth.

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How to Celebrate Thanksgiving like G.K. Chesterton

A while back, I shared some Chestertonian insights on recovering the glory of Christmas. His unusual approach was well-received by readers, so I thought I’d share his insight about celebrating Thanksgiving, too.

Gratitude was important to G.K. Chesterton. In his autobiography he declares, “The chief idea of my life … [is] taking things with gratitude.” Thanksgiving is an opportunity to shake off the doldrums of life-as-usual and wake up to how blessed we are. Even if it’s been a tough year, the fact we all survived and are here is a victory. Chesterton’s idea is that, if we cultivate gratitude, our eyes will be opened to the wonder we have been passing by unawares.

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Discover Chesterton Series: A Paint on the Lord’s Palette: The Uniqueness of Every Human Life

A normal lunch time at Chesterton Academy includes fits of laughter, eating, and the occasional last-minute studying among the students. One day, however, the lunch conversation held a bit more meaning. A classmate had proposed a seemingly trivial idea about the relationship between people and colors.

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